Solar thermal system for water heating in cold days

Manage your system through a controller, a computer or a smartphone, save the environment and money

Sowillo system

Sowillo connects to any existing systems and infrastructure. Just install a Sowillo controller and start saving money.

Smart energy management

The Sowillo system lowers your energy consumption and alerts you to future failures

Solar Collectors

Sowillo systems can use and connect to any type of solar thermal collectors – vacuum, flat or any other.

Deep optimization

Sowillo systems use all the information available to our systems, production and consumption prediction, weather forecast and machine learning for achieve deeper optimizations. Our systems are proactive, not reactive!

CO2st Reduction

By optimizing every aspect of the energy flow, Sowillo not only saves you money but also reduces environmental pollution caused by dirty heating.

Have your comfort, pay less

Efficient energy collection and optimal consumption planning is the ultimate formula for saving money without compromising the comfort.

High-rise buildings

Sowillo systems can provide affordable hot water to any apartment in a building with maintenance headache taken off you. A good opportunity for building contractors to free real-estate on roof.

Business model that saves your money

An automated billing system is integrated into Sowillo platform. Monthly payment for a package that includes energy and maintenance – with no initial user investment.

Save money and enjoy hot water, even in cold days