Concentrate on what is truly important to you


Get a warm house and hot water all year round while reducing your bills! Enjoy comfort!


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Install the system and protect the environment


Preserve your environment by reducing load on power grid. Use clean solar energy which has no pollution. Save your money by planning your expenses.


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Energy managment


Receive real-time data and looking to the future, significantly reduces your energy consumption.


Real time data

Follow your expenses, temperature at home and hot water consumption. save money and CO2 emissions.

High efficiency even in winter

Using advanced technology and artificial materials allows the system to efficiently warm even in winter.


Control from anywhere

From any smartphone or computer. Change system settings or schedule anytime, from anywhere.

100% Funding

Full funding path for all costs, including maintenance upon us and you will pay the most attractive prices for heating only.


Fast return on investment

Return of investment ranges from 2 to 12 years in areas relevant to Israel and around the world makes the system safe and worthwhile investment.

Suitable for high-rise buildings and industrial

Capability to supply hot water even in buildings over 10 floors while monitoring the consumption data on a single account.

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