Sowillo is a technological company developing hi-end solar systems. Our primary areas of interest are green energy and smart cities. We have created the next generation of smart and highly efficient solar water heating systems for residential and industrial buildings, which have built-in protection from overheat and bad environmental conditions, like hail, and are equipped with self-maintaining mechanism and self-diagnostics, have Internet connection and may participate in IoT networks. These systems work all-year round and can be adapted to specific needs of a customer. The systems can also be fully autonomous and supply its power needs. Our system have integrated fine-grained energy management system which optimizes energy consumption, load on power grid and allows to control expenses.

The Team

Kirill Dedul

CEO & Founder

Kirill has 6 years of experience at various management positions as a CEO and project management. Holds an education in Mechanical Engineering (Technion) with 12 years of experience in the field.

Pavel Gurevich

CTO & Founder

Pavel has over 22 years of experience in software and computers field from which he worked for over 16 years for the leading companies (Intel and IBM Research). Pavel has master’s degree in Computer Science (cum laude) from the Technion.

Max Goldshtein

COO & Founder

Max is a COO with 5 years of experience in operations and business development worldwide. Has an education in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Stepan Litvinko

Firmware Developer

Stepan has 15 years of experience at SW/HW engineering. Holds an education in SW Engineering.

PhD Pavel Goldshtein

Advisory board

Pavel is PhD data science, has 10+ years of consulting experience for startups, government institutes and academia. Pavel is a mentor of the startup accelerator at the University of Colorado Boulder and C0-founder of various startups.

Dr. Genrih Khodakov

Advisory board

Dr. Genrih Khodakov has authored over 30 publications and has 20 patents. Dr. Genrih is a prominent expert in many areas, including fine grinding and mechanics and chemistry of solids, coal slurries, fuels based on restorable energy sources and wastes of oil processing.