Solar water heating for residential and condominiums

Sowillo Energy provides solar heated water as a service for high-rise buildings at a highly attractive price.
To achieve competitiveness, Sowillo systems optimize every aspect of their performance, starting from efficient energy collection and ending with optimal consumption planning and using heat storage to shave the consumption peaks and fill the gaps. Sowillo systems are proactive in all aspects of their operation: they use production and consumption prediction, weather forecast and machine learning to achieve deeper optimization. Operation expenses are reduced by using anomaly detection for predictive maintenance.
System performance is continuously monitored and compared to itself in the past and to other systems to detect degradation and provide appropriate service. Sowillo IoT collectors support wall installation and can provide smart shading and reduce cooling expenses for buildings.

Business Model

Sowillo Energy is a utility company focused on hot water supply for high-rise buildings at lower-than-competition price. An automated billing system is integrated into Sowillo platform for this use-case. From today, no needed to invest huge amount on solar systems. With Sowillo, you pay only monthly payment for a package that includes energy and maintenance + extra payment for excessive use, with still attractive price.

installed Sowillo system

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