Hotels, residential buildings and industry spends a lot of energy for water heating: for examples, for lavatories, swimming pools, heating and so on.

We supply and install our solar heating and management system in the areas where there is a need for large volume of hot water. We propose a number of solutions which can serve needs of specific client and can be adapted on demand. Our systems can integrate with the existing infrastructure such as gas heaters or heat pumps and use them as a back-up system in the cases when extra heat is required.

Our engineering team works with clients to provide a solution which matches all the requirements.

Our Solar heating and management System

Sowillo developed a solar water heating system suitable for large buildings, condominiums, industrial objects and farms. The system is able to heat water in dull days (with reduced efficiency). The system learns its usage patterns and predicts the amount of energy that will be required according to them. For this, the system also takes in account weather forecast, weekends and holidays. The system also interfaces with existing infrastructure and provides expense control system.

Sowillo system is based on vacuum tubes and chemical heat accumulators which provide source of energy for water and building heating. Such a composition allows for fine-grained temperature control and storing heat for a later use.

The system includes solar collectors array equipped with active overheat prevention system, water tanks, heat accumulators, heat exchangers (radiators, warm floor, etc.), pumps, controllers which can integrate with other systems (smart house, IoT) and provide user interface.

Novelty and Uniqueness

Existing thermal solar systems (with passive overheat protection) are designed for a safe work in the summer and avoid overheating by having the stagnation temperature (thermal equilibrium) below 100 degrees Centigrade. Because the temperature difference between the collector and environment is relatively small in hot days, the collector emit a large amount of thermal energy. For this reason the existing systems are not effective in winter where the temperature difference is big and most of the energy escapes to the environment.

Sowillo system is designed to withstand very low temperatures (including negative ones) by providing high-quality thermal insulation from the environment. To withstand high temperatures, the system is equipped by active overheat prevention system with dual action: when overheating protection system is inactive, it improves overall system efficiency. This system is designed to be cheap in mass production.

The system is connected to the Interned to provide remote control, cloud analytics, weather forecast and power grid load prediction and coordination. Heat storage allows for very flexible power optimization. This, combined with learning capabilities of the system, forms the unique value proposition of our system.

With the help of our system you can produce and efficiently store the energy, saving your environment and keeping the air you breathe clean.

Business Case Sample

A commercial center of 6000 sq. meters in Israel consumes about 300,000 kWh of heat yearly and pays about EUR 35,000 if heats by heat pumps and about EUR 80,000 if direct electric heating is used.

In the same period, the same building receives about 2,200,000 kWh of solar energy (about 8 times more than the consumption) which is sufficient to heat neighbor buildings.

System Diagram and Integration with Other Systems