Sowillo provides a complete solution, from efficient smart solar systems to a software platform which has cloud analytics and learning system. We do not just provide devices, but an ecosystem. Our platform scales from a single residential system up to very large business organizations and allows for power grid load balancing and tariff optimization. We track all our installations and provide quality assurance of our systems, by distributor, by installer, by area and allows for continuous ROI analysis.

Our systems can integrate with the existing infrastructure such as gas heaters or heat pumps and use them as a back-up system in the cases when extra heat is required.


Hardware and Software

Sowillo has a complete hardware and software solution for effective heating.

Sowillo develops efficient solar systems which have overheat protection, means for self maintenance, including dust and snow cleaning. These collectors are IoT-enabled and always connected to Sowillo monitoring. We are designing heat accumulation modules to optimize system cost for providing constant power supply under varying weather conditions and electricity tariffs. We use weather prediction and behavior analysis in our learning systems to meet customer’s needs. Our systems coordinate their load on power grid when they need back-up heating while taking in account customer priorities and electricity tariffs. Specialized devices and software track actual heat consumption and perform quota management, per customer, and allow for automated billing.