Water heating is expensive in winter, and also has ecological impact, especially when power plants are overloaded.

Current solar heating systems that exist on the market have reduced performance in winter, as they are designed not to overheat in summer. They also lack learning abilities, remote control and smart house and IoT integration and cannot co-operate with smart grid. There are no systems to provide simultaneous hot water and electricity.

We propose the most efficient solar technology for water heating, adapted for personal needs which integrates with current and future infrastructure, provides monitoring and self diagnostics, expense control and learns habits of their owners.

Product Description

Sowillo developed a solar water heating system suitable for residential use. The system is able to heat water in dull days (with reduced efficiency). The system learns its usage patterns and predicts the amount of energy that will be required according to them. For this, the system also takes in account weather forecast, weekends and holidays. The system also interfaces with existing infrastructure and provides expense control system.

Sowillo system is based on vacuum tubes and chemical heat accumulators which provide source of energy for water and building heating. Such a composition allows for fine-grained temperature control and storing heat for a later use.

The system includes solar collectors array equipped with active overheat prevention system, water tanks, heat accumulators, heat exchangers (radiators, warm floor, etc.), pumps, controllers which can integrate with other systems (smart house, IoT) and provide user interface. The system has advanced self-diagnostics preserves its high efficiency over time. It can interface with smart house via standard protocols and can be controlled via any Internet-connected device. Sowillo system learns the habits of its owners and adjusts itself accordingly.

Electricity is expensive, as well as the existing heating systems. Therefore we propose different option: we install the system on our own, and provide you hot water for the reduced price.